Health & Lifestyle Coaching FAQs

What is  Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coaching?

This is an important question and one that NEEDS to be addressed. For me coaching is : helping someone help themselves. My intention is not to turn you into me or anyone else that would be counterproductive. Imagine that you had the power to create your own reality based on what you wanted! We eliminate your pain by addressing the root cause then we move you towards achieving your potential in all areas of your life. From here you will not only be able to inspire yourself but everyone else around you.

What does ‘Holistic Health’ mean?

Holistic health to me means that I take a perspective of ‘Wholeness’ towards obtaining, achieving and navigating health. That a person’s health is multifactorial and as such all symptoms are comprised of different parts of ourself. We have the ‘Structural’ realm (musculoskeletal), Biochemical (organs & nerves), Emotional (thoughts and beliefs) and Spiritual realm (connection to our creation). All of these realms are being influenced at anyone time. Therefore to really heal or improve our health I feel we must take a ‘Bigger’ perspective of ourselves so that our Journey keeps unfolding in the right direction.  

Can anyone be Coached?


In my opinion, YES. As long as a client is willing to participate fully in the process. It is very hard to coach or be coached if your willingness to change isn’t there. Of course change is scary and everyone has different levels of how they express that fear. BUT all change requires the first step, the first leap into the unknown and giving it a try. So I believe everyone is coachable it just depends on commitment to change.


How long does it usually take to get results ?


This is a great question and one I receive quite a lot. The real answer is: it’s totally up to you. Every human being is unique and individual and has experienced different stressors as a result your ‘physical’ body is a 3D representation of this so it really comes down to HOW adaptive you are to STRESS. The more stress the more symptoms and pain, the less stressed the less pain. Our programmes are a minimum of 6 months.


Can I see other practitioner whilst working with you ?


100% I wouldn’t have it any other way. We all need support on multiple levels and at different times along our journey to optimal health & wellness. Whether it's the support of a massage therapist or an osteopath I truly believe there is truth in all modalities that can help as long as the decision to see someone is valid and has a merit to WHY you are going to see them. I work with multiple different practitioners all of whom I have built trust with over time.


Do I get a programme or homework ?


YES. In our coaching programmes you will receive a personalised program to follow, take home and work towards. Its hard to change our habits if we have NO reference point for change. A program is a simple tool to keep us on track.