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Chris Dale



Chris is a self mastery coach, healer & guide who specialises in holistic health & spiritual development. He has a deep seated passion for helping people achieve their personal & professional goals. Chris works with committed individuals by creating solutions to pain, poor health and limiting beliefs.

As a highly successful & professional coach, Chris takes a unique & blended approach to the coaching process, using holistic health coaching, spiritual development & energy healing to inspire his clients to cultivate overall health, vitality and a winning mindset.

Chris has completed extensive study with the CHEK Institute and other world reknown eduction providers and continues to do so which sets the foundation for Chris's coaching principles.

For over 25 years, the CHEK Institute has trained the best holistic health and wellness coaches in the world. Using an educational system that combines deep mind-body knowledge, powerful assessments, precise exercise training, creative and effective program design and time-tested coaching techniques, all to help the client to achieve their goals


Here's what my clients are saying

Chris's sessions are amazing. I always leave feeling uplifted and with a greater calmness and sense of balance. He is extremely knowledgeable and his techniques motivate and drive you to improve your performance both physically and mentally.
My confidence and self belief has grown significantly along with my self perception. With the tools Chris has taught me when I veer off track I now can recognise these moments of self sabotage and can quickly steer myself back to achieve the goals I have set out for myself.

Sam Mears

I came to Chris with a mixture of anxieties (predominantly health related), feeling stressed, paranoid and generally lost.
Since working with Chris I can whole heartedly say I no longer feel this way.
Chris is so patient in his approach and has a way of teaching that puts you at ease. His methods are amazing!
With Chris you will learn how to deal with situations that would normally cause stress or anxiety. He gives you the right tools to deal with them.
I have never felt so free in my whole life. I still have work to do on myself, but I know with Chris's guidance I will overcome these and live a free life.

Laura May Ward

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