Integrated coaching where we guide you to be able to live life on your terms with no limitations through Mind, Body & Soul coherence.

My aim is to coach you to coach yourself.

One of the biggest reasons to use our services is that we have an extremely wide array of skills and strategies that can help you reach your health & life goals.

Our integrative approach is especially helpful for those who have tried, and failed, to improve their situation in the past.

By looking at the whole person, we have a special ability to uncover, emotional factors, behavioural patterns and lifestyle habits that may have prevented you from succeeding previously.

In this way, we are often able to create a pathway to creating real and lasting improvements in your personal journey.

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Allow the fires of transformation to burn away
all that doesn't serve you.

Meet The Team


Chris Dale

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Chris is Self Mastery Coach specialising in Holistic Health and Self Development thus guiding his clients to optimal health.


Chris takes an integrative approach to personal training . . . . .

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Natalie Ford

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My journey with holistic massage therapy began after years of being stressed, unaware of my unhealthy choices and never investing time to switch off and relax.

After looking into living . . . . .